Vibration Test Laboratory

Vibration tests are generally used to evaluate the behavior and durability of parts and production equipment that are exposed to vibration. To perform these tests, a laboratory environment is needed to produce a certain vibration (amplitude and frequency) for a certain period of time. In some vibration tests, the vibration parameters are fixed and in others variable.
The most common of these vibration tests are as follows:
Resonance test
Durability test
Performance testing

Resonance test

This test is used to find the natural frequency of a piece. The piece is closed on a suitable shaker and both the force signal and the generated vibration are measured and using vibration control equipment and phase comparison, the phase difference of 90 degrees is identified as the natural frequency. By using the stroboscope light, the shape of natural modes can also be identified.

Durability and performance testing

It is the fatigue test that generates a vibration signal with a fixed or variable frequency (frequency sweep between two limit values) using a vibration controller, and the amplifier converts it into a voltage with a suitable current for the shaker, and the desired vibration shaker is applied to the part. Enters the test. Usually, the part in question should be subjected to vibration in different directions for a certain number of hours, and then the amount of possible damage should be evaluated. Generally, for parts that are installed on vibrating equipment, such as automobiles, there are specific standards that define the amplitude, frequency, and type of excitation.
For performance testing, the same equipment and arrangement of durability tests are used, and the vibration behavior of the part is studied. Equipment such as a stroboscope is used to observe the movements and deformations that occur in the part.


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