CAB 93 balance cabin

The CAB 93 balance cabinet includes a sensor, a two-channel phase and amplitude measurement module, a computer and a printer. This cabin is designed and built to update old balance machines. By replacing this cabin as the electronic part of measuring, calculating and displaying the balance machine, it is possible to modernize the old balance machines whose measurement and display system is out of order. In addition, this cabin can be used to complete the hardware of a balance machine.
CAB 93 contains two accelerometer measuring sensors that measure the amount of unbalance. Of course, it can be replaced with special electromagnetic sensors for balance machines. A tach sensor is used to measure the phase angle and rotational speed. The measurement module receives the signals and sends them to the computer. In the computer, measurement data is used to control and manage the balance process. Finally, the results of the balance operation are printed as a balance confirmation.


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