VM4-96 machine monitoring system

The VM4-96 monitor is a complete monitor but in small dimensions, which can be easily installed in control room panels or special boxes. VM4-96 provides the possibility of machine protection by measuring and displaying and controlling the vibration limits and thus the ability Increases the reliability of the car. The device is designed in two layers of protection and condition monitoring and it provides the possibility to be used for both purposes of condition monitoring and protection at the same time. Although it is possible to connect with the continuous condition monitoring software, you can view the troubleshooting information such as time waveform, frequency spectrum and orbit in the device itself and on site without the need for software systems.
The VM4-96 device is able to receive 4 AC, DC signals along with one Tacho channel and can be set for single, two and four channel display and according to the LAN network, any number of these monitors can be used in one network.


Four simultaneous measurement channels

Can be installed in a very limited space

Analysis without the need for additional software

Support all types of vibration sensors

Alarm and risk management with the possibility of communicating with an external panel

Large color display visible from a distance

wave form


Frequency spectrum

Tracking changes in vibration amplitude

Communication with status monitoring software through LAN network

Display the total vibration amplitude

Visual and numerical display of current values and warning and danger limits, along with notification of warning, danger and error status, and the possibility of displaying additional values along with the LED display of the management status of alarms and reset and acknowledgment reactions, as well as operation and processing LEDs, all Together it provides an unparalleled complete representation of protection monitoring in VM4-96.

Vibration signal display as frequency spectrum, waveform and orbit

Displaying the signal of all four VM4-96 channels at the same time and using the zoom and cursor facilities and the required settings, separation accuracy and high frequency limit at any desired time provides the possibility of machine troubleshooting without the need for software and communication with the server computer. .

The time waveform and the orbit shape are among the most important analytical displays in VM4-96 for troubleshooting, which are not available in any online monitor – without software – as well as the possibility of viewing the waveforms relative to each other and fuzzy studies are easily possible.


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