Runout Detector

Outside the center of the shaft, which can be caused due to non-observance of machining tolerances or bending of the shaft. It is one of the causes of vibration and heat in bearings. Thus measuring the degree of eccentricity of important parts of a rotor. One of the main steps is troubleshooting in the initial stages of repairs and quality control in the final stages of repairs. Although these measurements are traditionally done by measuring clocks. But its systematic registration in order to issue quality control certificates requires precision instruments to measure, record, process and draw relevant information.
In addition, when using proxy sensors to measure the vibration of the relative displacement between the shaft and the bearing, which is the most important protection signal and troubleshooting of the journal bearings, one of the sources of error is the inhomogeneous magnetic characteristic of the shaft in the circle in front of the sensor. The API610 standard has new recommendations for measuring the location of journal bearings by proxy sensors. Therefore, another quality control step is to measure this level of inhomogeneity, which is known as electrical (magnetic) off-center. For this purpose, it is necessary to measure around the mechanical method (measuring clock or LVDT probe) and electrical (proxy probe). and their vector difference, which indicates the degree of magnetic off-center, should be calculated.
rod, the device for measuring and displaying the amount outside the center of the shaft under the title ROD 401 was designed and built for this purpose.


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