CAL401 vibration sensor calibrator

Like other sensors, vibration sensors require calibration testing. Calibrator CAL401 is produced for measuring the output of body sensors by Twitter. This device can support two body sensors (accelerometer or vibration speedometer) simultaneously and together with the taco sensor. For this purpose, instead of one of the sensors, a calibrated reference sensor can be placed or the calibration of a two-channel device can be tested for both vibration measurement and phase reference.

This device is also suitable for field testing of the complete measurement loop in field monitors. By separating the sensor from the installation location and connecting it to this calibrator and creating a fixed range, the monitor should also show this value. In case of an error, the entire path from the sensor installation location, sensor, connections, cabling, transmitter and monitor should be checked. Inspect part by part. Usually, after every overhaul of sensitive machines, it is necessary to measure and verify the accuracy of the sensors installed on the car.


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