VM4-96P axial position monitor system

The position monitor VM4-96P is a 4-channel monitor that receives the signals of the proxy probe or LVDT probe as input and by processing it, identifies the displacement position and compares and displays it against the warning and danger limits set by the operator, and the relays It activates the corresponding output. It is possible to control and configure the device’s monitor using the input keyboard as well as communication with the server computer. The VM4-96P can be programmed for the following applications:

Shaft axial position
Differential expansion
body expansion
Position of control valves

This monitor has a full color screen output, control keys input, buffered signal output, alarm and danger relay output, 4-20 mA output and LAN connection to communicate with the server. Device relays can be programmed for different AND and OR combinations of different channels.

The main purpose and application of this monitor is:

Machine protection, with continuous and direct measurement and notification of warning and danger status if the measurement values reach warning and danger limits.

Providing the required shaft position information for operator personnel and machine maintenance.


• Four proxy input channels
• Measuring the axial movement of the shaft and displaying the  state of movement in the available space.
• LED displays for danger, warning and error conditions
• Buffered output
• Show the graph of changes during different times
• Input and output of various alarm, danger, alarm and reset

Show shaft position

Visual and numerical display of current values and warning and danger limits, along with notification of warning, danger and error status, along with LED display of alarm management status and reset and acknowledgement, as well as operation and processing LEDs.

Show trend changes

Displaying the process of axial movement changes in different time periods up to one day on the monitor and the ability to store it on the server computer.


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