VM4 protection monitor

VM4 monitor is a protective vibration meter designed and manufactured by Tavator Sepahan Engineering Company for machines with medium sensitivity. This monitor has 4 vibration channels with standard 100 mv/g accelerometer input (can be ordered for other sensors as well) and 2 heat channels with 4-20 mA transmitter input and one rotation speed channel with taco sensor input. The VM4 monitor has three alarm, danger and error relays, which, in addition to reacting to the measurements at the danger and warning level, also monitors the short circuit or failure of its sensors. Notification of warning and danger status is voiced and visual, and warning and danger management is also provided with the capabilities of Acknowledge, Reset, Voting. This monitor has two types of analog and digital output to transfer data to DCS systems or to a dedicated server with the dedicated software of this monitor. The 4.3″ full-color display with large fonts provides the best display of car values and status, along with LED lights for warning, danger, error, and digital communication. The simple, waterproof and dustproof 4-key keyboard enables all settings by the panel of this monitor.

This monitor has analog buffered outputs for the use of portable vibration analyzers and is a very good choice for monitoring the non-continuous condition of inaccessible points.
In addition, the presence of tako output also provides the possibility of balance and phase analysis by this monitor.
This device is designed in two box models, one with IP67 and a stainless steel panel compatible with environments with pollution and humidity, and the other can be installed in a rack for closed and clean environments.
The dedicated software of this monitor provides the possibility of viewing the values and status of alarms on the monitor, tracking domain changes in different time intervals, the possibility of managing alarms and also changing monitor settings remotely.
This monitor can be used as a suitable monitor (in terms of price and efficiency) for machines with medium and high sensitivity, including electric motors, fans, pumps, compressors, turbines, etc., with high reliability. In addition to high reliability and coverage of all monitor protection requirements, the simplicity of this monitor has made it very easy to use and maintain for production and condition monitoring personnel.

• Measurement of 4 vibration channels, two heat channels and one rotational speed channel.
• Using the usual accelerometer sensors.
• Alarm and danger relay output.
• Analog and digital vibration signal output.
• 3″ full color screen.
• Display of vibration, heat and rotational speed.
• Buffered main signal output to use portable analyzers for troubleshooting.
• Machine status display lights.
• Ability to manage alerts. Acknowledge, Reset.
• Communication with the relevant software to display and record and track data.


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